You can make money online in Nigeria through any of this methods in 2018 – we will go through each of them in detail.  I will guide you step by step . Expect to get excellent results !

  1. Affiliate Marketting
  2. Dropshipping
  3. Sell Online
  4. Teaching a Skill Online
  5. Create a Blog / Niche Website

Affiliate Marketing

This is a very huge untapped potential for Nigerians looking to earn money legitimately online. Affiliate marketing simply means marketing a another person’s product online and getting a commission on sales made through your marketing. In a nutshell, you refer customers to the merchant and get paid commission.

In affiliate marketing, the merchant will create a special link for you , which you will share on your website , social media or even through e-mail. Once a customer clicks on your link and makes a purchase , then you are paid a commission. You can learn more about how to succeed as an affiliates here.      You may also Like :

Starting As An Affiliate Marketer              Firms Running Affiliate Program In Nigeria

Some companies in Nigeria accepting affiliates include Jumia, Konga, Payporte, Wakanow and Travelstart


Dropshipping simply means selling goods without keeping an inventory. Typically, a dropshipper  receives and order from a customer. He routes the order to the manufacturer, wholesaler or another retailer , who now ships the products directly to the the customer. This is different from affiliate marketing where you refer  the customer to the merchant’s website. A prior arrangement is made with the wholesaler to deliver goods to the customer on your behalf.

You can list your goods on popular online marketplaces like Jumia or even on your own website. You can even sell through social media . Learn more about Dropshipping here. Step by step tutorial on how to succeed as a dropshipper. Learn how to use tools like Shopify checkout to sell using Facebook Messenger.

Selling Online

Do you have products you know you can sell online ? Then go ahead and start selling . There are several platforms where you can sell either for free or for a commission. But a word of caution , research very well on what you want to sell, if you have a competitive advantage. Check what other people are selling the same or similar products.

Social media (eg Facebook, Pintrest), Marketplaces (Jiji, Konga , Payporte) are places where you can sell . You can also open your own online store using Shopify or WordPress.

Teach A Skill Online

Making people are making a living from teaching others their skill. Most times they start up as Facebook page . After they gradually create closed groups or Whatsapp group for paid exclusive content. I see this daily, ranging from tailoring, cake making , soap making, bead making etc.  Whatever skill you have can be monetized. Read more on how to succeed on this


Create a Blog or A Niche Website

Do you have a passion for putting your thoughts , skills or ideas in writing ? Then blogging could be for you. Making money from a blog requires hardwork – a lot of it. Niche website are websites that discuss about particular topics.  First you need to get a website of your own. There are free and paid versions . However I advice using paid versions for future availability. Learn how to create you blog here.

You make money from your blog through advertising , affiliate marketing and even selling products and services.


These are just the iceberg. I would like you to start one and follow it judiciously. Let me know your views through comments below



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