Must I have a blog to make money online ? These are questions that pop up from time to time . The reasons are obvious – statistics show that 99% of start up blogs fail even before they get a chance to succeed.

A poll by Ramsey Taplin shows that most people lose interest along the way.

Why do people lose interest ? Probably because of too much work involved in blogging and lack of traffic or revenue from the site.

Do I need a blog to succeed online ? The answer is both yes and no. It depends on how you want to earn online.

If you are looking to earn money through affiliate marketing and advert publishing, you definitely need a blog. For online selling, freelancing and drop-shipping , you do not require a blog but you have a better chance of succeeding long term if you have one.

There are other activities online that do not require a blog but are unreliable sources of income. These include spot stock trading, forex trading, binary options and filling surveys online.

Should I Get A Blog ?

Absolutely . For you to make long term success in the online world, you would need to have a blog or website . Your blog is your identity and you will create an authority in you niche over time if done well. A freelancer at Upwork or Fiverr could get kicked out any time. However , if you have your blog while working with these sites, you can slowly build customers who know you directly through your blog. One thing you need to be aware of is that making a blog work is a tedious task. Follow these steps to make your blog successful

  • Create engaging posts regularly
  • Share your posts on social media , forums etc
  •  Use paid adverts if you need results quickly
  • Have patience – most blogs break even only after two years

The good thing is that once your blog start making revenue from your blog, it will get easier.  Starting a blog and being consistent is like investing in the future. You can learn more here on how to create a blog using Blogger or WordPress.

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