How To Start Affiliate Marketing

In this article, we are going to learn how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria. In affiliate program , you promote other people’s goods or services and get paid commission for any referrals you make. This can be illustrated by the simple diagram below :

Affiliate flow chart

affiliate flow chart

For you to succeed with affiliate marketing, it is highly recommended you have your own website. Follow link to learn how to set up your own blog or website

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Steps To Begin:

  1. Sign up with the merchant you want to promote their products or services .  In Nigeria, you can sign up with Konga , Jumia, Parporte, Wakanow, Vogue Pay, and host of others . We shall take them one after another on how to sign up to each of them.  Other companies supported outside Nigeria include Amazon Associates, Bluehost etc.Alternatively, you can sign up with affiliate networks – this way you will have access to a host of companies to promote. An example of such network is CJ Affiliate. 
  2. Get a special affiliate link to promote from the merchant . This link nature depends on the merchant or network you are promoting. It could be contextual or in the form of banner
  3. You promote these links on your website/blog, facebook, email etc. A word of caution, some marketers have specific rules on how you can promote their links. Please read their terms and conditions to avoid losing your commissions

How To Promote Affiliate Links

  1. Write reviews on the product you are trying to promote and recommend it to your audience – this is one of the most successful way of promoting affiliate links
  2. Write a related article on your website or blog and place affiliate links/banners as ads.
  3. Share it on social media, email , Facebook groups , Instagram , Pintrest etc


In our next articles , we are going to break up these processes one after another . Please drop your comments below let me know how you are getting on.

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